Where ‘Maldoror’ penetrates its six lips, the lush sunshine tilts along the floor, briefly overlapping with the etheric plane. Here are the bodies that ‘greet another day, another morning after death.’ They were the farmers who tilled the soil of creativity.

As the birth mother measures her daughter’s energy flow, ‘the endless house’ shudders like an old cuckoo clock that languorously announces every hour. She is vertical only because she is in suspension. Once the bodies that refuse resuscitation match the pitch of the off-beat metronome, the tiny, fairy-skinned motor vibrates toward its anticipated burnout. The empty mother and the lying daughter, the angel with a scythe and the naked firefighter devote themselves to the sexual act of the giver.

The scene after everything is over and ruined; in other words, the scene freed of life and death is rearranged as a deconstructed opera for a short while. Brewed in the respiratory tube of larvae with the curvature of an anal plug, the alcohol undulates among the invited people. The etheric cocktail doped to droop numb eyelids, incite nausea, and disallow death throes. An acrid finish, this fishy-smelling glass. With swollen and biased eyes shut, proudly savor ‘this unbelievable sleep’...

Like the fleeting morning light that remains crisp even in the sunset or the belief that energy cannot be harmed, recollect remnants of the happenings that have returned in latency, and send the threats back to the hidden addresses of the tattered nerves. Overworked sleepwalkers now place moments of precarious immersion atop the autopsy table.

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  18. Game engine simulation (Unity)
  19. Screening (LED panel, 2 x 4.5m, Samsung, LG)
  20. Sensor system (Perception Neuron, Kinect, Velodyne LiDAR)
  21. Sound system (Logic, Presonar, GnS, Shure, KLOTZ, KORG)

  22. Organization/Production/Direction/Development: Yeonså Cha (Host), Sanghwa Lee (Assistant host)
  23. Performers - Under the Ceiling: Nari(mother), Geumwon(daughter), Bernardino(tenor)
  24. Performers - Under the Sky: YoungAn (singing), BaekSang (electronic music), Jiyoung(photography), Yeonså(host)
  25. Virtual body: Mire Lee (from Amsterdam)
  26. Virtual lecture: Hyosil Yang (from Seoul)
  27. Mosquitolarvajuice 2022

Project Info

Post-lesbian Opera - Liquid Computation - Live Performance
Act 1, Act 2, Curtain Call

Date & Time
  • Option 1 - Dec. 30th, 2022 (Fri), 11AM
  • Option 2 - Dec. 31st, 2022 (Sat), 11AM
  • Act 1, Act 2, Curtain Call – Running time approx. 1hr
  • Directions
  • LES601 Sunyu
  • 2, Yangpyeong-ro 22ma-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, (107-3) 1st floor (Yangpyeong-dong 5ga)
  • Subway: 8 minute walk from Seonyudo Station - Exit 2
  • Parking: underground parking lot at Seonyudo Kolon Digital Tower (106-1 Yangpyeongdong 5ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul) (rate: 3,000 KRW /hr)
  • Nearby building: Les601 Sunyu is a photo studio that opened in August 2022. It is located where Yangpyeong-ro 22ma-gil starts, and, along the street, you can find an auto repair shop, a dry ice company, a timber yard, and an art space called Hall 1.
  • Audience Capacity & Space
  • Total: 80 ppl. per run
  • Under the Ceiling, Under the Sky – You can freely move between the two rooms.
  • Ticket
  • Voluntary Donation (하나은행 24991019337007 차연서)
  • The ticket comes with 1 glass of mosquito lava juice (60ml) & a stainless cocktail jigger etched with the project logo of Mosquitolavajuice.
  • You can take the glass with you after the performance as a souvenir.
  • Contact
  • energywhoisshe@gmail.com
  • instagram.com/msqt.kr
  • msqk.kr
  • Please feel free to contact the organizer for any questions regarding accessibility or the performance in general.
  • Organized by Cha Yeonså
  • Sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture – Unfold X
  • Post-lesbian Opera, Liquid Computation

    As a director, producer, and developer, Yeonså Cha seeks to devise a new genre that synthesizes ‘liquid computation’ and ‘post-lesbian opera.’

    Juicy Mosquito begins with a modification of ‘scissoring,’ a type of sexual act involving rubbing. The live performance concerns the guilt and captivation with penetration, and the heightened sense of touch engendered by biased, swollen eyes. It devises an impossible theory of escape for those who have confined themselves.

    Subsequently presented as a recorded installation and promised landscape, Every Mosquito is a suspension of bodies and media, like the performers frozen on the salt-partitioned stage. It is a curtain call or an after party–a latent tale of traumas released into the sunshine.

    Accompanied by the elderly young larvae of which life and death is unknown or which reincarnates countless times, Mosquitolarvajuice begins flaunting insults as trappings. By situating various layers of anesthetized/sedated/sleeping bodies on the stage, we decide to tune into the frequency of creative labor, recovery, and love as vital potentialities. This becomes ‘actionable steps’ for the body, mind, and energy living in exhaustion.

    People who are connected, associated, and caregivers

    Performer | Nari Sohn, Geumwon Kim, YoungAn, BaekSang, Jiyoung Hong, Bernadino Lee, Yeonså Cha
  • Energy healer & 'Lady Lazarus' Poetry reader & translator | Nari Sohn
  • 'Una Furtiva Lagrima' opera singing | Bernadino Lee
  • 'Wheat and Barley Grow' and original music set list | YoungAn
  • 'Il Dolce Suono' & 'Diva Dance' Electronic Music/Virtual Instrument production, Breathing apparatus & Fire horse operation | BaekSang

  • Virtual Body | Mire Lee Virtual Lecture | Hosil Yang
  • Original sculpture & related materials provided by, Adaptation advisor | Mire Lee
  • Remote lecturer | Hyosil Yang
  • Remote lecture Participants | Nari Sohn, Geumwon Kim, YoungAn, BaekSang, Jiyoung Hong, Yeonså Cha, Mire Lee, Yeonsuk Rita Lee

  • Performance advisor as a drag performance artist | Isu Mignon Mignonne
  • Voice therapy to YoungAn / Voice sampling support to BaekSang | Bernardino Lee

  • Cooperation of english poem adaptation | Eunsook Jeong (Maumsanchaek), Plath Estate
    Cooperation of english poem adaptation | Eunsook Jeong (Maumsanchaek), Plath Estate


    Metal craft | Youngkwang Kim
    Space design | NACA
    LED screen rental & installation | SMART Interactive Co.
    Lidar Sensor Support | Lumisol Co.
  • Game engine simulation development | Energywhoisshe
  • 3D Sculpting (Zbrush / Rhino) | Youngkwang Kim

  • Interactive Sound Support | Jiwon Kwak
  • Sound system (Virtual Instrument, Mic, Speaker, Mixer) | Sanghwa Lee, Yeonså Cha
  • Sensor system (Azure Kinect, Velodyne Lidar, Perception Neuron) | Yeonså Cha, Sanghwa Lee
  • Admissions/Documentation
    Doorpersons (entrance/drinks/goods) | Hyunjin Ahn, Solyup Lee
    ① B&W photo documentation | Jiyoung Hong
    ② LiDAR sensor documentation | Yeonså Cha
    ③ Sound & Video documentation | Taeyoung Park
    Space rental & cooperation | LES601 Sunyou

    Original illustration by | Sibylle Ruppert
    Cooperation of original illustration adaptation | Paul Walter (Owner of Sibylle Ruppert’s posthumous legacy), Marco Witzig (Director of HR Giger Museum)
  • Website development | Yeonså Cha
    1. Legacy Russell, Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto, translated by Dayun, Mediabus, 2022.
    2. Diana Taylor, Performance, Performance, translated by Yong Seonmi, Rasunpress, 2021.
    3. Comte de Lautréamont, The Songs of Maldoror, translated by Hwang Hyunsan, Munhakdogne, 2018.
    4. Jiyoung, 『Jiyoung』, Juro Press, 2022.
  • Exhibition Statement | Yeonså Cha
  • Poster & Title Design | Hyunjin In
    Webpage translation | Dayun Ryu

  • Organization/Production/Direction | Yeonså Cha
  • Assistant director/PM/Line producer | Sanghwa Lee
  • Costume/Tools/Toys | Yeonså Cha, Sanghwa Lee
  • Goods | Energywhoisshe

  • Selected program | 2022 Unfold X Planning Camp
    Planning advisor | Siwon Hyun, Iksoo Lim
    ‘Planning Camp’ program organized by | Convergence Art team at Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

    Hosted by | 차연서 Cha Yeonså
    Funded by | Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture